Posted by Channel Coast Surf Club on 26th Nov 2018

2019 CCSC Open & Legends Champion Jamie Bateman - Photography ©Glenn Porter

Channel Coast Surf Club made a small piece of history over the weekend of the 10th and 11th November as they became the first surf club in the UK to use a live digital scoring system.The use of this technology provided a platform for officials and supporters to have immediate heat scores available on their mobile devices.

The system proved to be a great success with competitors and officials delighted with the trial that will now see the Welsh Surfing Federation adopt the live scoring for the 2019 Welsh Nationals.

Away from the technology, the action in the water proved that the Old dog still has plenty of life in him yet, as Jamie Bateman took a clean sweep in both the Open and Legends (over 45 ) categories, with no nonsense surfing that could not be matched. Given the record Open entry, the sheer number of heats Jamie surfed in the two divisions was the equivalent of running a marathon two days in a row! Some effort. Elliot Dudley finished runner up whilst taking gold in the Longboard.

2019 CCSC Open Runner Up & Longboard Champion Elliot Dudley - Photography ©Glenn Porter

In the younger divisions Eli Perins-Davies showed that he will be a force to be reckoned with for some time, winning the U18 title over Ollie Wong and Cian Davies. Eli completed a hat trick after winning both the U14 and U12 boys against Sol Williams and Ruebyn Jones.

The U18 and U14 girls proved a right tussle between siblings Mia and Ana Jenkins this year, both of whom finished up with a title each over Isabelle Vaughan. Ana doubled her titles with a win in the U12’s pipping the very talented Indi Ward and young Isla Jones.

2019 CCSC U12, U14 & U18 Eli Perrins-Davies - Photography ©Glenn Porter

The weekends big tides and gusty wind brought varying surf conditions from 2 to 5ft, making for very fun contestable conditions. The bright sunshine that we enjoyed all weekend proved problematic, as the glare at times made officiating impossible. This led to a few heats having to be rerun so that competitors and officials alike could be relocated away from the sun blinding reflection off the Bristol Channels more typically dull waters. Problems such as excessive sunshine are rarely a consideration in November, yet the club seems to strike gold no matter when a contest is run! However, one competitor not enjoying much luck this year is Rob Sullivan, who having been very lucky to come home with both legs after an injury sustained on his first trip to Indonesia back in June, careered head first into a rock after what at first appeared to be a very innocuous wipeout. The resulting broken neck, 15 staples and stitches to his scalp, will see Rob out of action for many months, yet had it not been for his wetsuit hat and the quick actions of nurse Bridie Jones, things could have been even worse! The club wishes Rob a very speedy recovery!

The club would like to thank Llantwit Major Surf Life Saving Club

Official judges: Tim Aylett (Refresh Scores), Craig Burrows, Stu Beale and Coryn Daniel

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Media: Glenn Porter - Photographer  / Martin John - Photos/Video / Josh Vaughan - Videographer

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