Posted by OD Crew on 30th Aug 2018

galician-shore-break-2.jpgPhotography ©Obsessive Disorder

Galicia is located within Spain and the Iberian Peninsula facing the West Atlantic coast. With one of the biggest swell windows in Europe the area can produce some amazing waves depending on conditions. Even W or SW swells creep into the rugged coastline.

storm-chasing-galicia-2.jpgPhotography ©Obsessive Disorder

The biggest problem with this area is that that are hundreds of different beaches that all work in different conditions but there are so many of them somewhere will always be off shore. You are more than likely to get solid swell, but most places don't actually handle big swells and you'll be looking for sheltered spots facing a different direction.

Galicia is a beautiful place with picturesque mountains and flooded Rias valleys, be careful swimming here as there are very strong rips and the weather can be unpredictable at times. Water temperatures are cold all year round even during the Summer months, so you'd be extremely lucky to get away with not wearing a full suit.

malpica-galicia-2.jpgPhotography ©Dayana Del Puerto

There are a few secret reef breaks but mainly you'll find good beach breaks which are generally uncrowded even in Summer unless you are near a big town. The local people are really friendly, and they don't see too many traveling surfers and they generally have a good attitude in the water.

The key to surfing this area is to really understand the different swell conditions, tides and winds and where to go at the right time. You need to spend plenty of time exploring the jagged coastline to find the best waves on that day. If you do stumble upon a perfect spot with only one or two guys out you've found one of Galicia's gems and the locals will probably be pretty surprised to see you so always be respectful in the line-up.

galica-left-2.jpgPhotography ©Dayana Del Puerto

You'll find plenty of cool places to hang out on your travels, bar and cafes offering delicious tapas dishes and the local beer (Estrella Galicia) is well worth a taste or two.

There are not many surf schools for beginners but if you’re in the area of Noia there's a local guy called Pablo who has excellent knowledge and will be sure to take you to the best spots on that day. Check out Escuela de Surf As Furnas on Facebook for contact details.