Posted by OD Crew on 12th Jul 2018

Les Almadies Dakar

Why to surf in Senegal? In brief here's the answer warm waters, minimal crowds, friendly locals, fresh food and swell almost 365 days of the year!

Les Almadies is situated on the South Coast of Dakar on the Cabo Verde Peninsula. There are a high consistency of waves benefiting from Southern hemisphere swells and offshore winds. When the North swells show up the right at NGor Island will most definitely be pumping!

Almadies has a number of waves to choose from Le Vivier, Secrets and Club Med being the most popular. There is a good left hand at Vivier at high tide, Club Med is a little difficult to get to but produces large powerful barrelling waves over a reef bottom, be careful at both these spots as they get pretty shallow at low tide, Club Med practically goes dry!

The main wave is Secrets where all the locals and expats tend to hangout, the break produces fast left and right breaking waves. The local standard of surfing is quite high, young Groms flying through the inside sections and the older guys tear it apart on the set waves. The vibe in the water is really friendly and the local schools offer surf lessons for beginners and there are plenty of bars and restaurants to choose from.

Surfing Senegal

Cherif Fall Senegal Surfing Champion

Situated below the high cliff faces and a colourful Mosque the nearby fishing village of Ouakam can produce excellent waves but is apparently quite fickle and only work about 60 days of the year on big Winter South swells.

Ouakam Surfing Senegal

I think a lot of people have reservations about visiting parts of West Africa but Senegal is one of the most friendly places I've been to and although the local language is Wolof, French is also widely spoken and English is becoming more popular in the touristic areas. Fresh fish and seafood is in abundance along with flavorsome meat and rice dishes and be sure to taste the Pastels, small hand held deep-fried pastry pockets stuffed with fish and spices, which can be soaked in a tomato sauce.

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